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Connecting through music

In today’s rich media landscape, people experience brands with all their senses.

Sound is increasingly important:

  • It draws people’s attention.
  • It makes people listen.
  • It makes people feel.
  • It makes people act.

Music and melody

Songs are anchors and they transport you back to a moment or memory, they can also make a difference when used as part of a brand for recall; especially if they’re an earworm.

All together now

To support increased engagement with our customers, the Kent Fire and Rescue Service brand sound uses a song that aligns with the ‘Together’ brand in a unique way.

The Farm’s ‘All Together Now’ was written by Peter Hooton and released in late 1990. It takes inspiration from the Christmas Day truce of 1914 during The Great War where soldiers from both sides lay down their weapons to meet in no-mans-land to exchange gifts and play football together.

The music has been chosen to support our brand refresh to strengthen brand recall and support storytelling.

The ‘Together’ brand sound should only be used for the purposes of engagement with the ‘Together’ brand for example:

  • Customer storytelling
  • Kent Fire and Rescue Service storytelling
  • Recruitment campaigns

Only the Engagement team will be using the Kent Fire and Rescue Service brand sound.

Version 1

Emotive and simple in theme to allow for sensitive storytelling.

Version 2

Inspirational and orchestral to bring a sense of pride.

Version 3

Motivational and guitar inspired to bring a sense of dynamism.