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Bringing the brand to life through inclusive design

We are Kent Fire and Rescue Service. We work together as one team to prevent fires and keep Kent and Medway safe.

From our fire control operators to our finance team, we’re a diverse, collaborative and forward-thinking organisation that takes pride in all we do.

Each and every one of us contributes to the vital work done every day across the county with one common aim – helping our customers stay safe.

Our strapline

Our strapline is ‘Together‘ – it’s the word that sums up what we stand for.

What does Together mean in terms of our brand? It means:

  • We are one team. Together we save lives.
  • Every minute, every hour, every day, we work together to help our customers.
  • Together we are compassionate, collaborative, inclusive and trusted.
  • Together we are dedicated, adaptable and professional.
  • Together we educate, prevent and protect.