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It is important for consistency across KFRS in how we use email signatures – especially with the appropriate audiences and how we include our brand.

All crews, staff and volunteers have clear guidance and instructions for our emails to reflect the ‘Together’ brand.

We have adopted a more informal and friendly approach to email signatures internally by removing job titles, qualifications, and other contact details, however where people want to include pronouns they can. It’s very easy for anyone internally to find out job titles and contact details; they can be located by clicking on the email address in the address bar. Internal emails are messages between colleagues so we don’t need the formality.

From an external email perspective, things need to reflect our brand to support consistency. We have a new KFRS email signature banner. There are clear instructions on how to install it to signature templates. All emails should be set in Arial Regular, black with a font size of 12.

Email signature banner
  • Use this banner below your signature on external emails for business as usual or where any postnominals or qualifications are included.